Lab Grown - 1.40ct Stud Earrings



  • Made in - 18ct White Gold 
  • Cut - Round Brilliant
  • Total Carat Weight - 1.40ct 
  • Colour – D
  • Clarity - Vs1
  • Certificate - IGI

A laboratory grown diamond is a real diamond, they have the exact same crystal structure, chemical composition, optical properties, and physical properties as a natural diamond making them indistinguishable, even to the highly trained eye. These diamonds are created using one of the most precise and difficult manufacturing techniques that humans have ever achieved.

The process can involves re-creating the conditions found hundreds of kilometres underground using very High Pressures and temperatures.

In the past, laboratories were only able to produce smaller diamonds (under 1ct) of lower qualities and were not commercially viable due to cost, now the growing process has been refined. Today, laboratory-grown diamonds are, on average 30-40% cheaper than a mined diamond and can be found in all colours, clarities and shapes.

These diamonds are certified by the most prestigious diamond grading laboratories who verify their authenticity but also grade them according to the 4 C’s in the same way they do with natural diamonds.

Like natural diamonds the overall beauty of the individual gem is subject to the quality of the cut and finish.

We sift through many diamonds to find the best examples so we have the brightest diamonds possible.

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