Lilly Solitare 0.70ct


Lilly Solitare - An elegant ring with exquisite detail, which only becomes apparent upon closer inspection. From its side the elegance of the Lily is increased as the detail shows how each claw is inspired by nature forming a leaf shape. By using 8 claws to emphasise its round diamond, each claw can be kept as very tiny points - keeping the focus very much on the diamond. Understated and perfect as an engagement ring if you wish for something delightfully different without straying too far from the norm.

  • Metal - Platinum
  • Cut - Round Brilliant
  • Carat Weight - 0.40ct
  • Colour – G
  • Clarity - SI1
  • Certification - Yes

Our diamond buyers pay special attention to selecting each diamond for its individual fire and brilliance. This is impossible to show over the internet therefore, we always encourage customers to visit us and see the unique beauty of our diamonds in person before making a selection. 

*Image shown is a style representation only. The exact proportions of the ring may differ slightly with the carat weight of the diamond. 

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