Georg Jensen - Peak Necklace

Georg Jensen


A series of sterling silver triangles are interlinked to form this dramatic collar necklace that wraps around the neck, framing the face of the wearer to eye-catching effect. Contemporary and bold, the necklace is a statement piece that nevertheless can be worn in both casual and formal situations.

Danish born silversmith Bent Gabrielsen is known for his innovative and sleek designs which he produced at Georg Jensen throughout the 1960s. His award-winning jewellery has a functional minimalist quality which makes it still appear totally contemporary today.

  • Materials:Sterling Silver
  • Measurements: 14 links or 16 links
  • Circumference:
16 links - 42 cm: 420 mm / 16.54 inches
18 links - 48 cm: 480 mm / 18.9 inches

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