8cc Leather Wallet - Wine

Deakin and Francis


Deakin & Franciså¨ leather accessories are made by artisans in a small town in Spain where leather has been handcrafted for over a hundred years. The leather tradition has been passed down through generations and the people take pride in using their knowledge and heritage to make the finest leather goods in the world. Deakin & Francis leathers come from the best calf farms in Spain. At the workshop, the hides are carefully selected for the making of each product, to ensure no marks and blemishes. In the tanning process, the hides are totally dyed through, rather than surface coloured, ensuring a consistent colour all the way through. Our leathers are fully drummed for texture as this softens the leather and creates durable, soft and unique accessories. Other than the help of a sewing machine for finishing the accessories, all of our fine leather goods are made by hand.

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